Web Design Company in Dubai - FAQ's


We list below answers to questions that arise frequently while developing websites. Should you require information that is not listed here; do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to address your query.

Vistas employs the following skill sets in building websites:
Art Director
Web Designer
Programmer (Web Development)
Copy Writer
Flash/Motion Graphics Designer
The team works under the supervision of our creative director
We also employ photographers, highly skilled animation experts, artists, and specialist programmers for special assignments.

The web site construction process at Vistas Ad India involves various unique processes to be brought together some of these are Concept Design, Technology, and Content.

There are simple websites and complex websites, feature heavy and static assignments, therefore, based on requirements we estimate time to be spent by our resources for each aspect and arrive at a budget.

Vistas Ad India offers a complete range of design services for both the print and the web such as:

  • Content Writing
  • Photography
  • Image Sourcing
  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Identity Development
  • stationery and package design
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • SEO Services

We begin with an blank slate and bring together creative elements and technology features to build a web presence that will meet with your highest expectations. In order to achieve this we will employ every technique and resource we have and find specialized talent as and when required.

Timelines for a 10 page static website goes like this:

  • 7 days home page concept presentation
  • 7 days for design of all pages from the date of concept approval
  • 10 days for Inner pages layout, CSS, DIV based coding, Programming & Integration, Design Review. Testing, Debugging and Deployment.

We will accommodate urgent assignments wherever possible.

No. The scope of work is planned based on the initial brief, requirements and discussions and priced accordingly.

Frequently, additional information pages, features, etc. may be requested in the course of development. To avoid complications we normally plan the additional work for the second stage of development. Rates will be worked out for additions in scope as and when it arises and always with your approval prior to commencement.

At Vistas we consider websites and online marketing tools to be mediums that require unique treatments for each organization, while maintaining branding and over-all spirit of the company's communication consistently, we will study the requirements and develop website architecture and propose recommendations of features for your consideration prior to commencement. You will be able to modify the plan or send us your views at this stage. This way we gain perfect understanding of the business & the organization and this will have a reflection in our efforts.

We will provide you access to the AeCom web server where the ongoing web design assignment will be posted in stages for your comments and approval.

Learning your business is the first and most important step in understanding your organization's goals, requirements, time lines, and overall expectations. The Vistas team will gain knowledge of your target market, products, and services and work out ways to generate leads through your website.

Before beginning the design, we will want you to brief us on your corporate identity, colors, images, and content. You will also share your corporate identity guideline and branding guidelines in order for us to establish it throughout your website.

It has seldom happened that our efforts are completely rejected. This is because we take complete responsibility of learning about your business and understanding your brief. We also learn about websites that you like and dislike and only then start building the website in stages so we both know what to expect. In addition, above everything, the websites we build reflect the organization and maintains its overall spirit.

Vistas will build the company's web presence around your in-puts, as we believe you know your business best. All our abilities as professional website designers will only help in bringing to life your aspirations and success at the marketplace.

Font usage on web pages is limited due to the fact that HTML can provide only the name of the font and not the character shape. Therefore, if the font is not installed on the computer, you cannot possibly see it.

We specify a range of fonts in web design. When the font spec was 'Futura, Geneva, Arial, Sans-serif' few computers will see the first choice as Futura is not a commonly installed font and the browser simply moves to rhe next choice. Whereas Mac computers will see Geneva as it is common to Macs. Arial is common to Mac's and PC's.

San-serif is the default font for most computers.

A page on the internet that is accessed through a web browser is a web page.

When you are taken to a new screen by clicking on a link - you are viewing a different web page.

A Web page is a page on the Internet that can be accessed through a Web browser. Each time you click a link on the Internet and are taken to a new screen, you are viewing a different Web page.

Not at all! While a good portion of our clients are large organizations, we also work with scores of small and medium sized companies. After all, all big companies today started out as small at some point and with our experience with companies of all sizes we will be able to support you as you grow. AeCom 's pride is its long term relationships with its clients. You can depend on us to be around with support and advice as you grow to the next stage.

Web Development FAQ's

Web development deals with the functionalities of the website.

Web development describes the back-end programming of a website and helps build websites that are database driven. Web development requirements will depend on the business activity of each organization. AeCom team will be glad to work out a detailed plan on the features and functions to suit your organization.

Vistas team is experienced in and works with
iPhone SDK Development
Android SDK Development
ASP.NET Development
AJAX Development
Microsoft SQL Server
MySQL Development
PHP Development
Drupal Development
Jquery Development
HTML 5 Development
Joomla Development
Wordpress Development
Photoshop Design Service
Illustrator Design Service
Dreamweaver Development
Microsoft Silverlight
Ruby on Rails
CakePHP Framework
Zend Framework
Cocos 2D Development
OpenGLES Development
Unity 3D Development
Eclipse IDE Development
Facebook Development

eCommerce FAQ's?

Commercial transaction of goods or information involving fund transactions over the internet is eCommerce. Business applications

Some common applications related to electronic commerce are:

  • Enterprise content management
  • Online shopping and order tracking
  • Online banking
  • Domestic and international payment systems
  • Shopping cart software
  • Electronic tickets

Yes we offer full e commerce packages allowing you to sell goods online and take payments. We work with payments systems such as Paypal or integrate the banking payment gateway to your website.

Yes we offer a range of search engine optimisation programs for websites as well as comprehensive SEO and online marketing solutions for eCommerce businesses.

YYes we do. Our Free Initial consultation is to understand your company and your project. In addition, we also offer more in-depth consultations for a fee to those companies that need help in formulating their e-strategy.

How will CMS help?

Simple functions such as feedback forms to more complex e Commerce helps you interact with visitors. You will be able to update, delete or make changes easily even by non-technical personnel.

Content Management System (CMS) modules facilitate control from an easy to use admin area and area tailored for your exact requirements.

A Content Management system has modules that make it easy to manage specific content on a Web site such as FAQ sections, news sections, event calendars, etc.

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